WildStar beta keys

Can confirm: I received one.


How is it? Been following this one pretty closely.

I think it’s supposed to be the new Rift which was the new WoW, and I don’t need another cartoony themepark MMO so long as we still got WoW. Not really into this one personally but I know a lot of people are hyping it up. I’m sure it’ll be fun since it follows the tried and true format but not sure how well it’ll hold up as it goes.

I did not really enjoy it. Far from being a game breaker.

Well, so far this launch sucks big time…

@Bovie, you’re in there? It’s not great? I heard @Sixfold, @Taba and Sarge are all in there, doing stuff.

Where’d it all go wrong?

The launch was rough, but the game is quite good so far.

Anyone playing Wildstar is free to add me to their friend/account list. Name is of course, Houla.

I can’t express how much I love the skill based combat. Player skill plays a significantly larger role in this game than WoW.

I have to say, love and hate the skill based combat. Its great for gameplay, makes it fun and rewarding, but holy shit can it be frustrating when pugging instances.

However, the dungeons in wildstar are by far some of the most enjoyable and challenging group play I’ve ever seen. Sofar I’ve done the first few instances (up to skullcano) probably two dozen times, mostly the first pair. Its definitely one of those things where a group of 5 dudes on comms would be fucking amazing to do.

Btw, how are you guys enjoying the softer, fluffier side of wildstar? If you ever want to come over to the awesome side the dominion awaits! Robots, and little bunny rats. Just sayin.

I was enjoying the free time I got from @sixfold but then I moved and Comcast cannot seem to get their head out of their ass.

Max level? Raids? PvP?

For me, leveling is fucking horrendous. Not that its any different from other MMO’s really, but I can’t fucking stand questing and shit, so I’m still level 37 atm. The video’s for the raids are actually what got me really excited about the game, Maybe six and crew are maxed out so they can fill you in on the raids and veteran dungeons and whatnot though.

PVP is fucking amazing though, I normally don’t like it, but fuck me if it isn’t fun as shit here. Done a handful of BG’s, and to be honest even when your getting your ass kicked you sorta feel overpowerd. You land your shit correctly and you will start to blow someone up if they don’t counter it, so it feels like your some badass kicking the shit out of a dude until he dodges some shit and starts returning the favor. World pvp is pretty hillarious, whenever you think of ganking some shitty exile player (read: any exile player!) out pops another one and your in for a brawl with people and mobs running all over the place trying to kill eachother or train mobs onto people ect.

Its also one of those games where if you don’t spend a decent chunk of time doing whatever it is you want to get done, you will VERY easily get side tracked and just do random shit. Soooo many challenges and housing shit to do, plus the little personal dungeons and all the crafting and shit. If I don’t have at least an hour of WS time I try to avoid the game because I’ll just end up doing a bunch of challenge stuff and logging off pissed that I had fun instead of leveling.

I do wish dungeons were a bit more forgiving because I would MUCH rather level doing those than questing, but fucking pugs…

Hello again

What server is everyone rolling on?

I have been levelling exiles on Widow but I wouldn’t mind joining some ex DoD sometime if not just for the fact that you guys must be competent lol (can’t say the same for me of course)

I believe that discussion is going on over here: Wildstar IP issues