Wildstar IP issues

So here is my problem. I made an account last night and spent time downloading it while i slept. Tried to log back into site and it wouldn’t let me because it wasn’t the same address saved to account. Finally got into account after getting email instructions to be able to log back. I was under impression you didn’t have to have at least 1 IP address saved to account so I deleted them thinking it wouldn’t give me a problem if I didn’t save one. I use internet on my phone to game on my PC so my IP address always changes is why I did this. Well now I can’t even access my account at all. So yeah… GG… don’t think i will be giving this game even a try now.

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Yea, NCsoft has some of THE single most antiquated and fucked up system for account management. I had issues with GW2 that took me days and many escalations to solve, and my problem is still there. Its like each game they make has its own system for account management, and then they jammed them all together under one name and assumed it would all work out fine.

Oh, and its very insecure as well, GW2 is the only game i’ve ever been hacked on, and when that happend I hadn’t even been playing, and NO other game that I was playing at the time or when I was playing GW2 had any issues. And that was with their “IP Secure” bullshit thing, my IP from California, hackers from China, yea thats legit.

imo, if you want to spend the time getting your NCsoft shit cleaned up, make sure you use a password for that account that you use for NOTHING else, and write it down somewhere, then go through and log in to every game on your NCsoft account and make sure the password actually stuck, most times it doesn’t, so you need to set it to the correct one multiple times.

TLDR: Ncsoft blows ass and I hope whoever is in charge of their account management system loses his penis in a tragic pencil sharpening accident.


I’ve never played anything by NCsoft before. My assumption was they were a low quality gaming company. I’ve been interested in their games before just to try them, but never tried. I actually didn’t expect to try Wildstar, but there is a big interest in it by a lot of people and the game looks some what fun. Guess I’ll never know, even if some how they restore my account to where I can even log into it I doubt I will be able to play due to the saved IP address account management. I’ve never seen a game require that and honestly I find it completely moronic. They just need more security on their end, not the user. I’m just glad that I waited and did not pay for the game last night or I would be extremely pissed right now.

Whaaaaat? You’ve never played GW1 or 2? Or aion? Or lineage 2??? That paired with some of their older failed games (Fuck you tabula rasa!) and they actually have quite a collection of games under their name.

And IMO, if you want to try wildstar you should wait a week or two anyways, launch servers are shit like always, fairly stable but their are the occasional restarts that can be frustrating. I’ve been waiting for this game for a while, probably the only reason I’m so content with the outages and que’s. Come tuesday on the official launch though, I’ma be stepping out to do something else though, don’t feel like beating my head against server issues all day :slight_smile:

Yeah. I’ve had a miserable time with NCSoft and their account management.

My password wouldn’t work (and is apparently different from my GW2 password), and for some reason the captcha wasn’t working when I would try to reset it. I later found out that Wildstar’s reset password page was borked and had to use the NCSoft one.

Got the reset to work finally, tried logging in and it told me my account was permanently blocked. Tried submitting a support ticket, only to be told that NCSoft was no longer providing support and that the individual developers would have to handle it. Went back to Wildstar/Carbine, they explained that since I attempted to reset my password so many times (due to their broken page), they banned it. Got them to restore it, and they gave me a temporary password which doesn’t work.

Debating if I want to put any more effort into this.

I finally got access to my account back after a whole day of not being able to log in. They didn’t even email me back saying they had fixed the problem either. I can already tell, from yalls input as well, that their customer support service is horrible. Any way, finally got a chance to purchase game and play so we will have to see how things go I guess.

NCSoft is crap. has been crap since City of Heroes. got locked out of my CoH account on numerous occasions because their account management blows. same bullshit happened with Aion as well. while i’ve noticed it’s been better recently i’d follow klockers advice and make sure the password you use is entirely unique to that account and nothing else. for now i’m avoiding wildstar because of NCSoft.

Everyone in this thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKgPY1adc0A

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Seriously, though – the game had a rough launch, but it is a great game so far. Hit me up if you want one of my 7-day passes.

what is everyone’s player name? i have wrave so far on my friend list

Klocker on Bloodsworn here

is everyone on that server? i thought most people were on warbringer?

OH shit Klocker I been messing with Wildstar a bit And I’m on that server.

I’m on Rowsdower as Pauche

Friend of mine threatened to tell my grandmother I draw hentai, so we’re playing a bit of Wildstar. Shingetsu on Avatus because some douche stole my name during the beta!

Extra points if you can guess what race/class I am.

It appears that Sarge, Bulwinkul, @Sixfold, @Taba, and Tuskii said they were on Warbringer, if that helps.

It’s a shame we didn’t all coordinate our wildstar efforts earlier now everyone is all spend out. Anyways RiggerMortus (exile) on Warbringer

I am on warbringer as well