Wrapmate Wraps in Forza

Now that the cat is out of the bag, I can show you a couple of things I messed around with between WoW expansions.

To get into the groove in working with vehicles, I played a lot of NFS: Heat and Forza: Horizon 4. For the latter, I actually spent some time taking existing wraps that Wrapmate had created, to see if I could recreate them in game.

Here’s two I recreated, with their codes (if you want to grab them and apply them to your own vehicles)

#1. Volkswagen Golf R

This was designed by a former employee and applied to a vehicle of a former employee (two different folks, two different circumstances) but I thought was pretty cool.

Here’s how my in-game one turned out:

Code: 183 524 218

#2: Ford F-150 Raptor

If you explored the website I shared when I revealed my Wrapmate story, you might have come across this:


My boss came up with the idea to make a carbon-fiber “like” pattern of camouflague by crisscrossing a billion little Wrapmate logos across the segments. Forza has a limitation of 6000 individual components in a wrap, and since the Wrapmate logo itself is made up of several hundred individual geometric shapes (yes, that’s how you re-create logos and shit in Forza), I could only put about 5 or 6 tiny Wrapmate logos on before I capped out.

So, instead of going for 100% accuracy, I just matched the camouflague.

Here’s the original:

…and here’s my version in-game:

Code: 159 221 316

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