Windows 8 laptop HDD troubles

I had made a recovery boot usb, a cloned recovery partition from the HDD, and a custom .wim snapshot of my HDD. After wiping my HDD to fresh install Windows 8 (I wanted to get rid of 8.1’s shittyness), none of those backups I made were able to communicate with the HDD. I could boot off them into the recovery tools, but none could communicate or install. I tried 2 different Windows 8 discs - One OEM and one Pro. Neither could interface with the HDD either. I tried every single thing I cold think of and googled.

Notably - Installing SATA drivers for the image recovery - Using DISM (.wim deployment) to manually deploy my backup snapshot to the HDD - ‘diskpart’ to manually partition the HDD (this worked partially but previous steps still failed).

I sent this into GeekSquad. I have not had to send anything to anyone for many many years thanks to you guys (Dalans, Tsepesh, off the top of my head). This Windows 8 thing has me stumped completely. Has anyone actually gotten a working clean wipe of an OEM Windows 8 PC to reboot and install a new OS?

I’m not sure I understand the issue…I haven’t had to do anything with Windows 8 thankfully but I see how you can create a recovery partition to a USB drive so I got that bit. What did you use to take the snapshot and was this a full backup or what?

Windows 8 has a built in tool to create a snapshot of everything. Essentially it is a HDD backup stored in a compressed .wim file. The image I made was not recognizable by anything leading me to believe it was corrupted, even those the command prompt stated it was successful. I am just going to blame shitty windows 8 OEM since none of the other backups worked.

Apparently from preliminary diagnostics, Geeksquad says it is a hard drive issue. I don’t know whether it really is or they just can’t figure it out. So no I am going through the manufacture warranty and the Asus laptop warranty for stuff to exploit. So far:

“If service is required: You can contact your local dealer for reseller (place of purchase) for repair/exchange.”

I’m looking over the GeekSquad prot plan now. They said it was a faulty HDD and will replace it but I need to provide the recovery media even though they have access to my serial number for the OEM OS. Derpy… They are not allowed to have blank OS discs. I tried booting from my Win 8 recovery drive and got loads of errors but I’m thinking its only because the hardware profile is different and will not boot due to any machine but my laptop.

I believe your problem is using Windows 8 :smile:

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Yeah; ever since XP and them removing NTBackup and switching to this new Windows Backup shit have I ever trusted one of those.

Ya. Sadly it is difficult to find top of the line laptops without 8 pre-installed.

I have the fix here for pretty much any installation issue with OEM. Share this around. I sent GeekSquad a MSDN official iso and they just called me saying my cd key worked properly embedded in the efi.

Yeah, I built a new computer about 8 months ago. I chose to stick with 7 instead of grabbing 8 cause I knew it would be a headache.