Will you be playing? thoughts on WoD and WoW


I am curious to know just how many people plan on playing the new WoD expansion for WoW. I know some people may have left the server or don’t play any more, but I thought of at least giving a try after reading about all the drastic changes that will be implemented and wanted to see what kind of number of players will be playing.


I’ll be leveling up and hitting the WoD end-game over on the Turalyon server with my guild.


nice! still horde i hope haha


Of course! Never Alliance.


I’m coming.


i’m back. can’t wait to see what happens


I’ll be there


I may move a toon over just to harass you, jungard.


Might as well! I think I still got invite privileges. I doubt that is surprising to anybody, lolz.


Oh, I’ll be there, in some capacity.


If you guys have live streams, toss em’ up!