Wildstar: Opinions?

So, I hit 50 a couple of weeks ago, that fucking leveling grind… Now that I’m max level and doing veteran dungeons and such the game has improved dramatically. I’m kind of disapointed with the Technologist profession, it seems that the end game of it is very limited, every other profession has research and daily shit to do in order to unlock better stuff. Tech’s just have to craft a certain ammount of one thing to unlock the next, and the entire top tier can be fully unlocked in about 10 minutes.

Medic’s seem to be pretty fun, I enjoy healing a LOT more now that people are more competent, seems like there are less outright bad players at top level, less people failing to simple mechanics that I have to try and keep up.I strongly dislike the daily quests grinding, I’ve never liked daily’s and still think they are just there to inflate content lifespan. They way WS handles its UI hopefully catches on to every MMO, because its fucking fantastic. If you can build addons, you can change EVERY aspect of the client pretty much.

I think wildstar is a superb game, I haven’t had a chance to do any raids yet (Stupid attunement requires rep, that means I would have to do more questing! NOOOOOO!) but from the veteran dungeons and such I think they are going to be a blast. Housing is impressive, I’m not that into the whole design a house thing, but I can easily see people spending countless hours building crazy shit. I went to one dude’s house where he built a hoverboard skating rink, was about 6 stories tall with all kinds of ramps and jumps, pretty neat.

All that being said, I find myself not logging in very often. When I do, its to run an instance or two, then log back off to go do something else. Maybe I’m just burnt out of MMO’s in general though.

Anyone else have any thoughts on the game?

I gave up :frowning:
Currently playing CS:GO and Hearthstone mostly
Just started back up EQ1 the other day if any one is interested. Haven’t played in like 10 years :laughing:

There’s got to be better games out there than EQ.

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haha there is, but can’t beat reliving old memories. plus my bud that used to play wanted to start back too so I won’t be alone :slight_smile: