Welcome to the Descendants of Draenor Forum!

This is the public forum for the Horde guild Descendants of Draenor of Deathwing-US. Historically, these were private, guild-only forums; this re-launch now allows the public to join in our discussions.

What is this forum about?

This forum is hosted by the Horde guild Descendants of Draenor, of Deathwing-US. It is about everything that made us who we are, and where our interests lay.

Who are you?

From late 2004 to early 2012, Descendants of Draenor maintained a presence on the Deathwing-US server, in an attempt to satisfy a need for certain players: those that wished to be a part of a respectable, mature community of passionate World of Warcraft players, and whom also wished to see reasonably competitive raid progression. We met that need, completing exceptional amounts of content throughout Vanilla, TBC, WotLK, and Cataclysm.

What do you discuss?

The common categories of topics here are:

Descendants of Draenor: Obviously, we discuss topics relating to our guild.

World of Warcraft: It goes without saying that a common topic of discussion are items germaine to the game we’ve played for the last eight years: World of Warcraft.

Games: Many of us have been playing computer and video games long before World of Warcraft, and continue to do so. As a result, we often discuss gaming in general.

Blog: Since retiring from the 25m progression raiding circuit, the guild leader @Hanzo has been telling the story of DoD in blog format, over at Eight Years in Azeroth. Each blog post is open to discussion and typically previewed early by the guild for edits and accuracy.

Leadership: @Hanzo has become more passionate about leadership and people management as a result of being the GL of DoD. As a result, general leadership topics often arise.

Tech: Since we are all gamers, we typically all have an interest in computer hardware, gadgets, and their ilk. Discussions involving technology fall under this category.

Fun: Anything that doesn’t fall into the above categories is fair game; this used to be referred to as our “Off-Topic” category. Examples are movies, music, amusing events in the news, and so on.

Meta: This newly launched forum is made possible by a new piece of open-source forum software, Discourse. Discourse radically changes many concepts in forums that people have grown accustomed to, as a result of forum software stagnating for more than a decade. If questions / concerns arise on the use or nuances of Discourse, they are discussed under the “meta” category.

Is there anything I shouldn’t discuss?

Hanzo insists that the same rules be applied to the public as he applied to his guild for so many years:

  1. No Politics: Discussions of a political nature will result in a ban. Politics and people themselves can be discussed (leadership), but politics from a party stance (democratic vs. republican) are disallowed here.

  2. No Religion: Religious discussions are also not welcome here. You are free to believe what you wish, but this is neither the place nor time to convince us of those beliefs.

  3. No Warez: No pirate links or information shall be posted here. Steal software elsewhere.

What shouldn’t I do when posting?

  1. Don’t sign posts: This is the bane of forum moderators. Your profile allows you some customization. Keep it there.

  2. Don’t forcibly jam in forum signatures: Forum signatures skew the signal-to-noise ratio on boards. See #1.

  3. Avoid One-Liners: Ever been to forums before, and someone makes a great post, which is followed by one hundred one-line responses?:


“Love it!”

“I agree!!”



Don’t do these things. They also add to the signal-to-noise ratio. All of these one-liners can now be handled by a single click of the “heart” icon, aka LIKE.

Once you have these rules down pat, I urge you to join in our conversations, and invite others that you feel would be a great fit for our community. And remember: When in doubt, douchebags get kicked out!

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who will be the moderators?

Moderators in Discourse evolve from the community through general use.

So, the more you continue to use Discourse, flagging things you see as off-topic, vile, etc., the closer you become to automatically moderating things.

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