We Run S#!t

By the time Arch was finished, nearly two full hours had elapsed, and the system was imprinted in my mind. I began to see all the moving parts, each interface, each screen, each button. Most importantly, I saw Arch’s team interacting with it on a daily basis. I saw what was working for them and what made their jobs miserable, and was already formulating a plan for what needed to be fixed first, second, third, fourth…

…and I still had yet to get a single uncomfortable vibe.

my mind drifted back to the judgments


…and I still had yet to get a single uncomfortable vibe.

This is a bit busy, what about “and still, there were no uncomfortable vibes.”

Arch excused himself to the boy’s room

Maybe it’s just me but this sounds off not being “Men’s Room” YMMV.

hanging out the exposed door of a helicopter

Sounds like slang w/o the preposition “hanging out of the exposed door…”

The dam burst forth. Poor Fred succumbed to the waves of geekdom pouring
out of both Arch and I. What do you play? Priest! Paladin! What’s your
spec? Disc! Holy! Opinions? Wrath of the Lich King. 10s? 25s? Both! PvP?
Arenas! 2v2! Unbalanced! Play the Auction House? Corner the market!
Gold on multiple accounts! Dominate the server! What about you? Shaman!
Shadow Priest! Death Knight! Raiding? Guild Leader! Since when? Vanilla!
Old School Raids? Hard as hell. Loved it. Illidan? Archimonde? Vashj?
Kael’thas? What do you like now? Ulduar! So great. Icecrown? Awesome.

Horde or Alliance?


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Although judgement is prevalent in British nonlegal texts, judgment is the preferred form in American English and British legal texts.