Warlords of Draenor Beta

I’m in as well!

I will get in to all betas and alphas except the one game that I actually play…

Me and my boss at work both got into it. Another employee, however, did not.

Nice. I hope this is the come back expansion otherwise WoW will die lol

Do you really think it will die?

I doubt that WoW will ever be what it was during TBC and Wrath (sub wise) but it’s hardly dead.

Wow had been out for almost 9 years now. I don’t think they should even be thinking to themselves that they will gain people, just keep them.

Right now I believe they are hoping to get interest and get people who have accounts to sub again, even if it’s jsut for a quarter. Then hopefully keep releasing content to be able to get them to pickup a month or two.

Just my opinion though. Interested to hear others take on it.

Depends on your definition of ‘die’. Return to former glory? Maybe. Hard to say, but WoD is more than likely the best (and last) chance of that.

Shutting down completely? Not for a very, very long time, regardless of how bad it is. Ultima Online is still running. Bear that in mind.

“Stay relevant” is more than likely the measure we’re going for, here. And if the measure of that is 12.5million (or more) players that don’t “get it”, vs 4-6 mill (less than TBC) that “do”, that could very well be a success – it would be in my eyes. What I want from WoW is a community (server?) that “gets it” and is populated by a health contingency of players who believe as I/we do on what WoW should be.

They pull that off, I could give a rats ass what the world thinks of WoW 10+ years after launch.

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Like all things: they are new one day and old the next. We will never have that one love for WoW again that most people had for that game at one point in time, mine being vanilla :smiley: Hopefully with this expansion rekindle it somewhat to get players more enthusiastic about playing WoW again. I like the fact they are still continuing to make progress improvements on the game such as adding in features into the UI that you used to have to download an add-on for. I’ve also heard about new and improved stats in the game, as well as taking out some that seem so daunting if you did not have it i.e. hit rating. Some people may complain about the level boost, but it is a good idea to bring in old and new players. WoD is probably going to be the last ditch effort to save it, even though it will be around most likely for a long time. IMO if they threw an icebreaker in there right before launch by going free to play and adding in more micro-transactions, I could see it saving the game drastically. I watch twitch very frequently and the most active game with a lot of viewers tends to be LoL and Dota2, both free to play and micro-transactions. With the up coming release of heroes of the storm, having both a moba and mmo with free to play would be awesome to go along with hearthstone, diablo 3, and starcraft 2.

EQ still running too :smile: and working on reboot with Everquest: Next