Upcoming Podcast Interview

So, this is a new thing.

The Twisted Nether blogcast is going to interview me Sunday evening, 1/19/14, at 9:00pm MST. I believe things are going to get going closer to the 20-30min mark, but I believe there is also going to be a live chat room where people are going to come ask questions/harass me.

First time I’ve ever done anything like this, I have no idea how well it’s going to go. Feel free to jump in if you’re online. If not, it’ll be archived afterward and can be downloaded to play at your leisure.

I’m assuming you’ll be focusing on your mad skillz as a guild leader?

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Something like that, yeah. I expect a lot of it will be around the blog.

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They’ve updated their site to confirm it - http://www.twistednether.net/2014/01/19/tnb-live-sunday-119-eight-years-in-azeroth/

So, see you tonight if you care to participate in the live chat or mock me in general.

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The podcast is now online to hear if you weren’t there live on Sunday:

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I listened to the whole blogcast in the background while I muted my WoW cause I’m so ADD lol. They were real nice. I too think the best moments in the guild were vanilla 40 man raids. There were so many memorable moments back then. It’s too bad those days are gone, but time goes on. I’ve always thought of the guild as a 2nd family. I was definitely more sociable in game than I ever was in RL, but I guess all those years helped me out of my shell, at least some what lol. I really do miss everyone. When I started playing again recently I was really surprised of not just the guild but the server is turned into a ghost town. I tried FFXIV and it was great, but when it came to FC( FF’s version of guilds) it just wasn’t the same. I tried making friends, even started playing with friends that I know in RL, but it didn’t work out. I’m not sure if I will ever run into anything as I experienced in this guild, but only one can hope. I will most likely try the expansion, but there is no telling how long it will last for me seeing the current situation of the guild. I sure do want to keep in touch with everyone if possible, in game or outside of it or even possibly a different game.