Twenty-Five Morsels on the Menu

Week two put us face to face with a new foe. By the end of the first night, Magmaw, Omnotron Defense, Maloriak and Atramedes were all eating dirt, a huge improvement from the previous weekend. This freed us to dedicate Sunday entirely to Chimaeron, a hydra that would push the healers to their very limits.

one would expect of an long-term, committed raider.

“an” to “a”

This freed us to dedicate Sunday

Reads funny without and “up” after “us” however YMMV.

Gone were the days off an encounter

“off” to “of”

after a Feud collapse

What’s a Feud collapse? Maybe expand on that for readers that didn’t do the encounter (like me =/)

As for dealing with surviving the double attack, Blain had Horateus and I taunt off each other. Rather than simply trade back and forth at three stacks, however, we were forced to have a non-break tank take the Double Attack instead, the MT taunting back from the OT immediately following the Double Attack.

Remove “dealing with”. Double Attack is capitalized everywhere but the first sentence? Three stacks of what? What is a non-break tank? This description may read fine if you have been there, for everyone else they are a bit lost. You don’t have to get super detailed, I know you didn’t want posts to be a “the boss did this, then did this and we did this to counter” type setup but make it general enough so that you can understand what the goal is.

An hour in his mind was plenty of time to investigate our next challenges

I read this as “an hour in and yadda yadda” so a bit confusing for the rest of the sentence, how about “One hour in his mind…”

and we took the final hour

Change “the” to “that” helps with the flow from the previous edit.

set foot into Throne of the Four Winds

“the Throne of the Four Winds”

But the end of each day, I was spent.

“But at the end…”

with such mergers of the past

“of” to “in”

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I did expand on it, earlier – but it appears I’ve failed in connecting the two in the narrative. I solved by linking to the wowhead entry, but FYI:

Our saving grace was the hydra’s heads feuding with one another.

Apologies for the confusion on that.

Can understand why this would be confusing. Cleaned up ver. #2 is ready to re-read.

All others rolled up.

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healers most certain began to feel the strain.

“healers certainly began to feel the strain”

If it one did

Remove “it”

Thanks for the explanation, I get it now, hopefully so do readers.

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