True Colors

“Hanzo, whatever rift you and Drecca have going on, that’s none of my business. I don’t feel it’s fair that you’re putting this on me, and now I should have to deal with that. I just want to play the game and not have to worry about any of this.”

“…and in any other situation, this would not be an issue. I hope you realize that. I mean, I’m really trying to make sure you do understand that. I don’t think it’s right for me to sit here and try to dictate who plays with who. You’re right, that is none of my business. Players decide who they want to play with, not me.”

Just put him out of his misery and be done with it. Quit dragging this out.

All eyes are Herp Derp, now.

“All eyes are on Herp Derp, now.”

Damn right, I wouldn’t!

I wouldn’t pause here, but YMMV.

with players openly disrespectful

“with players being openly disrespectful”

and that all of this effort wasn’t even worth a single sentence explaining her exit.

“and all of that effort wasn’t…” Just rewording to sound better.

The person I chose to invest it

Change “it” to “in”

more communicative,more accountable.

Missing a space after the comma.

everyone red flag I chose to ignore

Change “everyone” to “every”.

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It may be a small thing but

you’ve contributed to DoD since as far back as Wrath.

Isn’t that an odd statement given that this was the first tier of Cataclysm? In the grand scheme of WoW one expansion isn’t really something that you would call “as far back as” but maybe that’s just me.

Great post as always.

Sir Klocker, Neps, Jungard, and Blain remained silent while I drilled Riskers in officer chat.


An expansion is two years, minimum. More than enough time to become core.

Oh I don’t deny that it’s plenty of time. I just meant the phrasing seemed off. Perhaps “early wrath” would make more sense.