To Breach a Bastion

After two weekends of unsuccessful attempts on Nefarian, I worried about morale. In the days of Blackwing Lair, it wasn’t unheard of to sink nearly all the raid weekends into one boss, pull after relentless pull. I was reminded of this fact frequently: every wipe in Blackwing Descent forced us back to the summoning stone perched atop Nefarian’s old balcony, an outlook across the entirety of the Burning Steppes. It was hard to believe how fast six years had gotten away from me.

Internet dragons weren’t being slayed in a vacuum.

weren’t being slain in a vaccuum?

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@klocker Research suggests either works in this context but I agree, it does read better as “slain.”

I continued along the ring until I approach the south-eastern pillar


This was safer bet for my own survivability

“This was a safer bet…”

And oh, the screams that filled Teamspeak

I would capitalize OH for emphasis here.

You persevered because you were a bat-shit crazy out-of-your-mind kind of gamer,

Needs commas after bat-shit and crazy.

face a challenge and not give up on account that they weren’t seeing fancy loot.

Usually you need to say “on account of X” but it doesn’t really work here so I think replacing with “because” would work best. “…face a challenge and not give up because they weren’t seeing fancy loot.”

deep purples and cobalt blues painted an glowing path

“a glowing path”


In two places you have it lowercase and once capitalized. I’m thinking even though you are speaking of a specific one, they should all be lowercase just like any other creature, ie wolf, squirrel, etc.

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