Time to shell out for An EVE sub

Honestly, I’m the kind of guy who’d sub just to get my name on a monument.


Shameless plug. Gives you 21 day trial free vs 14. Also don’t buy it on steam from what I can read. Seen nothing but complaints on the forums, etc about it.

Fuck that EVE shit. The real outer space game is fast become a reality:

As long as I can have a mining rig mine asteroids and planets, I’ll buy it.

I keep thinking star citizen is going to be a flop just due to how much expectations and how much money they have raked in. I’m hoping dearly that its amazing though…

Also, don’t play eve, its fucking terrible. It is by far the worst game i’ve never been able to stop playing. Just punch yourself in the balls and move on, you’ll get the same experience with much less pain.

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