The Worst Encounter in the World

He actually made it to the lava today and wiped the raid. Steering is a colossal clusterfuck of epic proportions. There has to be a better way than this constant “left foot, right foot” shit in Vent. We sound like a bunch of casuals facerolling across our collective keyboards. Cue me getting on the forums and complaining about “this boss is way too hard.” The faint siren of the Wahmbulance can be heard in the distance.

Is this going to turn into some kind of Illidan / Kael’thas level shit?

heroic: Shannox – didn’t affect that fight, although in retrospect, we did have one person alive at the end.

Heroic: Shannox and likely wanted to emphasize the end of the sentance. We did only have one person alive at the end.

His message read an employee tendering a resignation.

as an employee or like an employee

Night 5 - 9/4/2011

Three more hours on Heroic Rhyo

For consistencies sake Heroic: Rhyo

As Superheated n ears,


Great post. terrific job of showing the descent into madness that was that boss.

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Man you are one day late and someone TURK UR JERB!

and reconstruct Rhyo’s armor


Bonechatters training is going well.

Apostrophe after the “s”

Now, it’s clear we don’t have as top-of-the-line DPS as we should.

This sounds off, how about: “Now, it is clear we don’t have the top-of-the-line DPS we should.”

Blain’s insists on being the sole tank for Sparks.

Remove the " 's " here.

He’s probably got less control over his emotions that I do.

that -> than

Twenty hours clocked in on this godforsaken encounter. I want to wrap my fingers around my keyboard and choke the ever loving shit out of it. Maybe if I crushed it tightly enough I’d come out with a mother fucking diamond.


This is a fucking non-description walking volcano

Might I suggest non-factor? forums

Should be capitalized?

Nothing fills me with confidence than knowing we are failing so miserably as to have fallen back into that bucket of “can’t progress, content’s too hard.”

“Nothing fills me with confidence more than knowing we are failing so miserably, we have fallen back into that bucket of “can’t progress, content’s too hard.””

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I live to be as good as Dalans one day :slightly_smiling: