The Out Run Test

But it wasn’t just the technology that changed. After two decades, the competition not only drove circles around Out Run, few even remembered its existence. Entrenched franchises battled each other for market dominance: Need for Speed, Gran Turismo, Burnout, and more. Out Run wasn’t even on the map.

Yu Suzuki could’ve made significant changes to an already winning formula in order to compete. And there were changes: A new drift mechanic, multiplayer challenges, a time attack mode, to name a few. They were the sorts of changes that, if done incorrectly, risked taking away the identity that made Out Run what it was.

When the player hit at obstacle

“an obstacle”

They were the sorts of changes

“sort of changes” Sounds better I think, no need for double plural?

The irony of such a statement is is not lost

Remove one “is”

we couldn’t force ourselves play through

Add “to” after “ourselves”

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I’ve never said “They were the sort of changes…” in my life, so probably will not change this.

All others rolled up.

Hmm interesting, do you!