The Never-ending Excuses

I heard some real doozies in my eight years as guild leader of Descendants of Draenor. I think quite possibly the most entertaining one came from of Sixfold, one of our restoration Druids. I can’t recall if this was circa Ulduar (hard modes), or closer to ToGC…but as I understand, he didn’t show up to his scheduled court appearance for a DWI, so the RCMP did him a solid and came right to his door to arrest him, mid-raid.

Hopefully enough time has passed that he can come back here, clarify, and then laugh.

Perhaps I can solicit some quality stories from other Guild Leaders out there.

Pretty sure it was post me playing.

I sent him an email.

Another fun one was I was house sitting at Six’s mom’s place, as she was out of town. Six came over to raid lan style. Mid boss fight, Freya iirc, my computer crashes, so I run over to his comp, steal his headset, and direct people from his comp until I can get my shit back up.

Good times.

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I had somebody bail out of raids and stop coming altogether because she divorced her husband to run off with our Death Knight, who quit also. As an expected postscript, that didn’t pan out either.

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There seems to be one that not a lot of people know but those who do actually remember who said it.

It was something about needing to go change their oil and they literally went afk in the middle of raid… Can’t remember the specifics so help me out here.

My personal favorite was the night in ICC where literally about 3-5 people’s computers were crashing in the last 45 mins of a raid night of straight wipes on a boss. Can’t remember the specifics of that one either.

And then there was the epic Shannox pulls into the crater… Shannox in general incited a hefty sum of excuses.

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@Hanzo. That was definitely ToC!

@Bonechatters :I think that may have been me. I live across the street from a Walmart and remember having to do something like that before they closed on a Sunday. I know I went during mid raid break but I still took a bit of time getting home. :confused:

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It may have been. It was quite a while ago.

If we are going to go the mid raid break route, I can remember countless times someone would go off for fast food and they will end up not getting back quite so fast lol.

Also, I still remember the time about a dozen or so of us tried to get into LFR when it first came out. We had been waiting for nearly an hour when (I think) Jungard’s pally randomly jumped into the group, requeued us, got us in quickly, then went “brb, salad’s on fire”.