The Mystery of Divineseal's Brother

I’m preparing for an upcoming blog post, and for the first time since I’ve started, I cannot for the life of me remember the name of a player. I may have to make one up and leave an “author’s note”, but I thought I would pitch it here for anyone with an astounding memory:

I need to know the name of Divineseal’s brother.

  1. He was in the guild a brief time, far less time than Divine himself.
  2. I am 99.9% certain he played a Death Knight.
  3. He was known to be in an arena team with Divine and enjoyed PvP.
  4. After Crasian took time off for Winter '09, he handed the reins of the Alt-25 to this person…who proceeded to botch it. I had to intervene, which is the point that Mangetsu took over.

So…basically you know the plot of the blog post I’m working on.

If you know the name of the player, please post it! Here is who you can eliminate from your choices:

  1. Grimaz = Azraella’s DK alt.
  2. Neroz = Was a young kid, new guy we met face-to-face at BlizzCon, Joredin will remember the fury I raged at the guy’s constant text-messages to me ending in LOL.


  1. Kreigs ?
  2. Bloodynukels ?
    ??? Others???

Feel free to speculate, as that may jar someone’s memory somewhere.

Also, this may help: (list of exits from DoD)

I have nothing to back this up, but it might actually be Bloodynukels. It’s somebody that I played with a few times and I remember him just kinda showing up and being connected to some other person in guild. I think I used Divine in my 10-man a few times and I might have filled a spot with Bloody as some point too. Whether or not that is Divine’s brother, I’m not 100% though.

Goreden helped confirm what I thought on the FB page, and thought about further. Divine’s brother has got to be Bloody.

Yep, looks like we’re going with Bloody on this one.

I’m almost 100% positive it was ROAK OF THE BUTTERY NUTS!

Are we sure it wasn’t blain?

Just sayin…

Damn, his name is like right there, wtf was it…

It wasn’t Kriegs though i’m almost posative,