The Ghostcrawler Effect

This is part 1 of my Why? trilogy, as we head towards the end of the 8YIA story. This trilogy of posts will try to provide some sense of closure to the reader, as to why things went the way that they did with WoW. The topic of this post is why many of us blame Ghostcrawler for a problem (I claim) he was set up to fail on.

The other two posts in the trilogy will focus on product innovation (and how not to do it) and why businesses behave the way the do.

Enjoy, and apologies for the length.

Found one already. “The topic of this post…”

Our celebrities pulled up a chair joined us in a deathmatch.

Add “and” in between “chair” and “joined”

Likewise, we’ll caremad when said car is damaged or some fool gets in our way to the Kale aisle.

Interesting typo there, “care”

Breaking a camera isn’t pleasant, but nothing to lose sleep over – but losing the negatives hurts.

Holy shit grandpa, does anyone reading blogs these days know what negatives/film even is? Haha.

they feel they’re not longer being treated fairly

Unless there’s a rule about this I dunno about it should be “no longer”

by claiming the data are proprietary

Change “are” to “is”

Finding typos in a post meant specifically to catch typos in a post. @Dalans, you’re so meta!

I’m being clever. Caremad intended, even if it isn’t a word.

Rephrased for the on fleek crowd.

Yeah…this one is probably going to upset you:

COCKS! Ah well, I’m not an English professor so meh.