Steam Sales: To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Interested in buying a game for 80% off but do not want to play it for 5 minutes and then go why in the hell did I buy this? Share your frustrations and best buys here!

Antichamber 66% off currently - One of my favorite artistic games. An atmospheric puzzle game that forces you to think differently in order to pass through doors and corridors. The interviews for this game were very amazing to listen to. Most notably how this game is logically different than most puzzle games and how new and old puzzle enthusiasts alike saw this game differently. A great buy if you enjoy thinking outside the box. A great buy if you love unique level designs.

New Civ5 content coming out! Looks baller~~~

I enjoy Civ 5. I generally don’t like most lengthy turn based games but Civ 5’s style is to my liking. A few basic currencies and tech trees along with a diplomacy system. I can actually understand it lol. A few other large map turn based games I had no idea what was going on. All I would do was click something to upgrade and then start reading the book long description and history behind it and forget what I was doing.

Totally! Plus you can learn stuff about the world. I was getting some world wonders and I was like, “Great Scott! I would like to learn about some of these!” Did you know that the Eiffel tower is in France? HOLY EGGS!

Are you trying to trick me into learning? Because if so, to HELL WITH YOU.

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Don’t make me go all Clockwork Orange on your ass!

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Fixed my link.

I tend to wait for something I’ve been meaning to play come on sale and pick it up during the summer event. Probably hoping Dark Souls goes on sale this year so I can play that. Already got the Witcher games so I should have my fill for a while unless I see something I wanted to play at some point. I usually end up with like 5-10 games during the sale, but none I really regret since I slacked off on purchasing them in the first place. =P

I grabbed Borderlands 2 last night for 10 bucks. We’re off and running now, bitches!

Let’s see how many others on my wishlist get marked down.

The new Civilization expansion had a 33% tag on it a couple days ago and I’m kicking myself for not picking it up when I had the chance. It would have surely gotten me back into Civ 5.

I pulled the trigger on XCOM: Enemy Unknown today at 10$. Played a couple hours of it and can say with ease that it was worth every penny. In fact, at the time of me writing this, it’s up for vote for Community’s Choice again.

This year I’m trying to really operate with an internal budget and only pick up things on my wishlist. If I can get a good deal on the Borderlands 2 DLC to get me back into the game, as well as Far Cry 3/Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, I’ll be a happy camper.

Civ is great. I realize it’s not everyone’s cup-of-tea, but I dig God-style strategy games. As for XCOM, I assume this is the FPS one, not the old classic isometric turn-based strategy one.

The flash sales are great, too, so keep checking back here and there. I had Super Meat Boy on my wishlist and got it for about 3 bucks.

Took me about a year to beat Super Meat Boy. 1-2 months of hardcore playing and then once a week frustrations. Last month I beat the last 3 levels in 2 days. Great game. The difficulty is just where it should be and if people think it is too hard, you quickly overcome it with sheer muscle memory with the instant respawn mechanic. Worth the 3 bucks. Only $1.50 if you sell back the trading cards you get from it.

Nah, the new XCOM is still the isometric turn based strategy and I highly recommend it, it was great and I am patiently waiting the expansion.