Stealth Post: Master of One

Relax. I’m not rewriting Part III (take a chill pill @Klocker). However, the posts from 3.1 through 3.10 are still using a botched font and layout, so I’m going to review them and clean them up a bit. It’ll be nothing too serious. I’m happy to report that nearly all of them hover on or around the 1600 word count that is my typical goal…

…except one.

3.2. Best Laid Plans was too long. So, I’ve edited it down to conform to the 1600ish goal, changed its title (now “3.2. The Grand Reveal”), and have injected what was chopped off into a new post. That new post gained two new sections, buffing it to the size of a typical post. So, please enjoy this new post titled “3.2b. Master of One”:

Thinking about those struggles with Zanjina reminded me of all the players who fought tooth and nail to claw their way into the roster as a specific role I told them to adopt because ‘the guild needed it’. And then watched them flounder. Flop around like some useless Magikarp out of water. They wanted to experience the end game, and I felt obligated to jam square pegs into round holes to make it happen. That misguided compassion produced a very mediocre group of raiders; a handful of players unenthusiastic about their role in the team. Unenthusiastic…and unskilled.

That would come to an end in Wrath of the Lich King.

and shadow priests often went well into tier 6 before opting to slough off their crafted gear in exchange for tier 4 or 5.

I’m assuming that were talking about replacing Frozen Shadoweave here and the point is that T4/5 isn’t better than FSW? If they are well into T6 why would they “slough off their crafted gear” and go with T4/5? A bit confusing or I’m reading it wrong.

I felt spread too thinly.

This sounds redundant. A tundra cannot be frozen because it is by definition. ‘I felt spread thin,’ no need for a qualifier.

The sacrifice I made for the guild may have helped gets over the hurdles of TBC

‘…may have helped get us over…’

who fought tooth and nail to claw their way into the roster

Grrr rawr, we’re animalistic, we get it. How about either ‘fought tooth and nail to get into the roster’ or ‘clawed their way into the roster’.

And then watched them flounder. Flop around like some useless Magikarp out of water.

I’d turn this into one sentence with either a comma or semi colon after ‘flounder’.

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That sentence could use a rephrasing. The intent was: “Players would opt to leave their frozen shadoweave intact, until it was eventually replaced by T6 in Black Temple, rather than getting rid of their frozen shadoweave as they progressed through T4/T5.”. Rephrased.

I WILL FIGHT YOU! I feel strongly this sentence needs to remain, particularly because it hammers home the previous thought (which I agree could use greater clarify, and have edited it as such). Basically:

  1. Yes, you can spread things too thickly as well as too thinly. Here, have a mayonnaise sandwich! :frowning:
  2. It’s more an idiom than to be taken in the literal. The obvious theme is that I’m favoring specialism over generalism, and that someone who is pulled in too many directions can do a bunch of things half-assed, but no one thing well.

To try to meet your concern halfway, I gave the preceding sentence a bit of an edit.

All other edits rolled up!

Hey, they are only suggestions and I’m sure my writing style would be vastly different, no need to homogenize hahahaha.

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