Stay Awhile and Listen

“That’s a little inappropriate, don’t you think?”

I stared at her a moment, contemplating the question. Inappropriate how? Was it the stereotype of spousal jealousy at hand, convenient that Mortalsend was a woman and I was a man? Or was it to draw attention to old habits growing more prevalent, once again invading family life – my preoccupation with a video game over all else. I wanted balance and sanity; this longer-than-was-healthy call was yet more evidence to the contrary. At the start of WotLK, I had it all worked out. I would pick my battles and delegate the rest. Problem was, there was nobody left to delegate to.

and how much it was simply

Either go with the repeating idea from “How much of it” and change the above to “and how much of it was…” or cut it out like reading through from the start “and how much was…”

A moment of introspection brought the impact our relationship to bear.

Add “of” after “impact”

then made adjustments to specific players in the raid to give us the best chance of knocking at least one of the four attacks off the to-do list.

Sounds better as “and made adjustments…”

One of the greatest Arms warriors ever

Let’s go with “DPS warriors” since I played a very healthy amount of both specs throughout my DoD raiding history!

Nope! Because then A Farewell to ARMS doesn’t make a whole lot of sense!


Now you’ve taken one too many liberties!

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