Songs About Bikes, Gnomes, and Scarecrows

I stood up from my desk, dropped my headphones on the chair and walked out to the living room. Julie was watching some TV, and glanced up at me as I spoke.

“It’s over.”

;-; Feels sad man

6 ranged: With no officer leading them, the five ranged

Change five to six

We won’t admit it we care

Remove “it”

I forced into putting up with

“I forced her into…”

sometimes its best (even preferred) be alone

“best…to be alone”

a FPS shooter

Would this not be “an FPS shooter” because of the pronunciation of FPS? eff?

The clue you seek is buried in the acronym itself which self-describes this key requirement

I think “itself” covers this situation, no need for “self-describes” just “describes”

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Yep, you’re correct. I’ve spelled it out.

I edited this down, but kept ‘self-described’, as the point was to hammer home to the reader the fact that you (they) do not need anyone to define/redefine/describe/redescribe what exactly MMO means - it’s in the name. All the info is right there in the acronym. People love to come up with their own definitions of what an MMO is or should be (hint: one of the themes of the blog!) but, like XML, it describes itself. There’s no need to debate it.

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