So this happened

Competing with Klocker I take it? (This is the 3rd or 4th rez scroll I’ve gotten<3 you guys.)

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You are in a sweet spot to come back. You just log in vanilla interface while you figure out the new stuff without worrying about addons.

Me: I can’t log in without having all my macros and interfaces just right.

(I am excited about not needing inventory sorting addons for next exp though.)

Haha. My devious plan of sexual enticement has been revealed.

The saga continues. Sooooo 2007…

So an interesting thing happened. I logged onto WoW and I was going to send a Merry Christmas please come back and kiss me under the mistletoe scroll of resurrection to my buddy Dalans, and to my surprise he no longer shows up on the list of guildies with inactive accounts. Hmmm…

It must be because you send so many of them. I don’t have an active account, sorry if it got your hopes up =/.

(Or it’s because my D3/Hearthstone account is the same Bnet account?)

Super sad face.