Server First

Blizzard insisted on leveling the playing field; a guild’s preference shouldn’t be held against it when racing to level 25. Each week, DoD capped guild XP a few days after reset, then waited patiently for the others to catch up by the following Monday. When 3:00am rolled around, we’d see just how level the playing field was.

was strangling me awake

Usually when I think of strangle, you are trying to remove the animation from someone rather than keep them up, what about “impelling me awake”?

I tagged in the early morning stares

Should this be “early morning stars” or are people staring at you?

As the sun rose

I would just add “higher” here to go along with the previous sentence and that you are progressing from 7 to 11. When I think “the sun rose” I think of sunrise and it still being early. Picking nits.