Revised Post: What Rolleth Downhill

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we didn’t often enjoy the luxury of cast-off ex-hardcore raiders.

Sounds clunky. “It wasn’t often that we were afforded the luxury of former hardcore raiders.”

When the twenty-five invites were finished

Technically it would be twenty-four ;D

The Forty is dead…long live the Forty.

This expression doesn’t work super well in this context as it would have to be “The Forty is dead, long live the Twenty-Five” as the original expression is the mourning of the outgoing monarch and welcoming in the new one "The (old) king is dead, long live the (new) king. Using Forty and Twenty-five to make the analogy match doesn’t sound as good either since it is nice to have that similarity, king/king, forty/forty so I guess it works as is. Maybe someone else might have a better suggestion.

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Agreed. I tried about four new rewrites and have something different now. Give that section another review and see if it works.

Very true, you don’t invite yourself. Changed.

Good catch; the new idiom should match the old based on meaning, not syntax. Changed.

Yup, rewrite works for me.