Revised Post: Time Travel

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Riding on the coattails of the back-to-back deaths of Kael’thas Sunstrider and Rage Winterchill, the 25-Man raid team seared with electricity upon our return to the Caverns of Time.

How about “Riding on the high” or “Riding the wave”, riding on the coattails reminds me of Cycotic…

A series of doomguard

I think since doomguard is the title of the mob and not a group that they belong to this would need to be “doomguards”.


One word.


Doesn’t require a hyphen, two words.

Blain, Jungard and Abrinish

Going all Sean Connery, nice.

and provided only moderate challenge.

…only a moderate challenge.

they would detonate, a mana bomb taking out nearby players in the process.

Reads a bit off. How about replacing the comma with “as”.

margin-of-error could be mitigated by shadow resistance gear, mana potions.

I don’t think margin of error needs to be hyphenated. Also I’d change the comma to “and”.


Formatting. I’m assuming this is supposed to be another header and the font size is off.

Frenzied Regeneration…continuing to hop in Bear Form, tanking Kaz’rogal, eating cleaves, burning rage for heals

While I myself don’t recall exactly what happened during this attempt, Frenzied Regen has a 3 minute cooldown (I have no idea why almost every resource says 1.5 seconds) and I doubt a Resto druid in bear form with no healer would be able to tank a raid boss for longer than 20-30 seconds. Not trying to rain on Breginna’s parade here but you might get some druids who read this and go, wtf?

Kaz’rogal, looking at stunned as I at this clutch turnaround

Change the first “at” to “as”.

Regardless of whether we were struggling or enjoying success, Rocraw was a consistent, solid member of the team. And a loyal friend.

Should probably be one whole sentence.


One word.

then wipe your hands and move on.

TIL Shawn gets sweaty palms when doing jigsaw puzzles…

Yet when you put the puzzle together

Sounds better as “Yet when you are putting the puzzle together…”

Damn, you’re right again. Coattails implies being carried, which was not my intention. Rewritten.


Yup, didn’t even belong. Was left over from the rewrite. This post was one (partially) one of the original ones prior to the rewrite, but still needed to be touched up to ensure a smooth transition. Must have just left this header dangling.

That is the best I can remember the event, perhaps I could encourage Breginna herself to come here and try to remember more specifics?


I’ve done a big of rewriting on this paragraph as well. It was still very reflective of my older posts which I don’t think are as strong. Maybe it is a bit cleaner now?

I’m going to go ping Diane and have her see what she can recall from the event.

You’re not raining on my parade! That’s not exactly what happened in that fight. By the time we got to this point Kaz’rogal was pretty much done for and I was the only player still alive. However Kaz’rogal was squarely focused on Thrall. I did hop into bear form and stood next to Thrall, did the most measly bear DPS I could possibly muster up and just tried to stay alive while all the DPS dots and Thrall did all of the work. I could only get in one FR during that time (it felt like forever for enough rage to build up no less) and I think I swallowed a potion. Putting hots on myself before going bear did help as did not taking the brunt of all the damage. Thrall did all the tanking, the dead DPS had done all the work, I just needed to be lucky enough to live long enough!

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Perfect! Thank you for this. I’ll make a note to amend the story with these clarifications.