Revised Post: The Zanjina Monologues

2.25 -

not get warm and fuzzies in return.

How do you get “warm” in return as an object? Remove “and”.

and the power of control that much more palpable.

Change “that” to “was”

To be perfectly honestly


Hyper focused on my pathetic damage and kindergarten-grade spell rotation,

A bit of overuse of the hyphens in this paragraph. Maybe change “kindergarten-grade” to “simplistic”.

it killed me in real-life

“Real life” doesn’t need a hyphen.

any additional healing I could layer on to myself would far outweigh an occasional reduction in mana cost.

Wouldn’t this be spell power instead of healing, I mean you were a Shadow Priest you weren’t healing? Were those stats still separate at that point?

Without an viable solution

Change “an” to “a”

splitting out a copy of one-self that only each individual player could target and kill.

Since you are going with one-self here, it would probably be best to stick to a single subject rather than the perceived group of each individual player that got this debuff: “…splitting out a copy of one-self only that individual player could target and kill.”

Etc. Etc.

Even though you are going with the conversational claim on this one, how about “Etc, etc.”

Failing to do so before Leotheras shifted back to Blood Elf form would cause the player to go mad, mind-controlled, turning to fellow raid members, slaying them in a fit of insanity.

Comma comma comma comma comma Chamele…ok enough of that. “Failing to do so before Leotheras shifted back to Blood Elf form would cause the player to go mad, mind-controlled, turning to fellow raid members and slaying them in a fit of insanity.”

15% would most certainly eat us away like parasites.

“15% would most certainly eat away at us like a parasite.”

but the bleed did me in under 4 seconds.

The bleed did you huh? That’s hot. “…but the bleed did me in, in under 4 seconds.”

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That whole sentence was awry. Re-written.

I’m going to re-read this entire post, as it is clear by this point I may have been tired, rushing, or distracted in some other capacity. I believe the intent of this sentence was: “I was dying a lot as a shadow priest, so any little thing I could do to prevent my own death (even using horribly ineffective heals as shadow) I perceived as a benefit to the raid”…

…at least, I think that was what I was saying. But I’ll review the entire post.

I may have even messed up the object:

I rewrote that entire sentence as well.

Also rewrote this. This post may need a bit more TLC beyond these edits. Reviewing now…

Ok! Did a slow, careful pass on this post. Lot of little touch-ups and revisions here and there. When you have a moment, another read is in order.

Regarding the healing vs. damage bit:

I was making a point of referring to the heals generated by Frozen Shadoweave set bonus, in comparison to Avatar Regalia (Tier 5). Having read through it again, it made more sense. I’ve since touched up that portion so that there’s no ambiguity about what I was referring to it.

Good catch, regardless! This post clearly needed a bit more scrutiny.

A much better title / pop-culture reference popped into my head today, so the title of this blog post was updated to reflect it.