Revised Post: The Lemmings Are Marching

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The enormous skeletal necromancer continue to lose health


what we needed to set each night in raids

Change “set” to “get”. Expectations having already been set, the next bit should be what comes of those expectations and also helps with being less redundant.

Nip/Tuck references

Always great.

So, with the forum parser idea in the back of my end

Change “end” to “head” or maybe you think from your “end” ;D

to be plucked from their death match and placed into a new raiding home.

What’s a death match?

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I believe that was intended to be a death march. Deathmatch is something you do in Quake.

Edits are in. I added another mini-explanation of blocking calls using WoW as an example. I wonder if I might try to find a little online JavaScript example (or write one) to demonstrate it further. I realize explaining programming terminology to muggles is often difficult and confusing.