Revised Post: The Accidental Florist

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My priority was first and foremost to Kerulak.

Your priority is Kerulak not to Kerulak. You might have an obligation to Kerulak but the “to” doesn’t really work for a priority. “My priority was first and foremost my shaman, Kerulak”

My priority was first and foremost to Kerulak. So, the prospect of putting him on the bench was unnerving and left me feeling with a loss of control.

If you so choose you can run the first sentence into the next and not have it be too long: "My priority was first and foremost my Shaman, Kerulak, so the prospect of putting him on the bench was unnerving and left me feeling a loss of control (remove “with a”).

In emergencies, microseconds before death, was when I was at my absolute worst from a play perspective.

The extra info of “microseconds before death” sets the stage for the timing so “was when” isn’t needed here and sounds better without it.

I had a habit of freaking out and spazzing a multitude of buttons as I scrambled for my life, and in many cases, hit the wrong abilities in the wrong order.

We’ve established your spazziness, how about “spamming a multitude of buttons…”? This is minor so change at your discretion but change “hit” to “hitting” to keep with the tense. I’m not 100% on the rules concerning changing tense but if you read the sentence without “and in many cases” it is wrong.



Ghost Wolf should have been Travel form! And look at this noob not using the Shapeshift bar…;D



It required extreme disclipline to shuffle around as little as possible in order to maximize cast time – but all those restrictions went out the door with the Druid.

I don’t think the em dash is needed here.

but I took in stride

“but I took it in stride”

but she was no less important that the players

change “that” to “than”

But to say we were progression would be a stretch.

“progression” to “progressing”

not in so many words…

I’ve always read it or heard it spoken as “in not so many words…” YMMV

Twelve nights in, I felt like I was drowning.

Maybe just recap who we were twelve nights into here. “Twelve nights in on Mag…”

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But my alts were low-level and I looked upon them as a hobby in-between polishing Kerulak’s gear, assisting with attunement runs.

and assisting with attunement runs?

Fuck i’m good.

and my Ankh with Rebirth

wtf, you had anhk on your bars?? It was a passive ability…

Good catch! No, I didn’t have it on my bar. You’re absolutely right; the release button was the one that changed if you had an Ankh up.

See, @Klocker? You’re not completely worthless!

Edits are in for this, and I added a pretty cool piece of fan art that fits the theme beautifully.