Revised Post: Sacrificial Lambs

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but continuing to tick off

I would add “health” after “off” just for a bit more clarity.

Four weeks in Hyjal produced four boss deaths, continuing to march to Blain’s drum.

Four weeks in Hyjal produced four boss deaths, the raid continuing to march to the beat of Blain’s drum. Just to identify who was marching and flesh out the expression a bit.

reducing everyone to 5% of the health.

Change “the” to “their”

Many casters who poured all of their waking hours into doing damage still believed it was the healer’s responsibility alone to keep them alive.

Since you are speaking about multiple damage dealers and a raid full of healers it should be “healers’ responsibility”.

we going to have to become generalists.

We were going to…

Casters that could tanks

Casters that could tank

in order to ensure gaps can be filled

Change “can” to “could” to stick with tense

…and then took note of the those folks lying dead beside him

Either “the folks” or “those folks”.

Something I noticed with this one…since the split some of the comments may need to be removed. For example, Ekasra isn’t even mentioned in this one and I made a statement about him. Not sure how true that may or may not be for the others.

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I tried to keep the posts consistent, but splitting them across so many posts caused a bit of mayhem in this dept. I don’t know that I can re-assign comments, but I’ll look into it.

Edits are rolled up. I had a few changes here and there, nothing too significant. Just a bit of polish on the overall theme of self-sacrifice and my observations of players that took the initiative rather than make excuses, particularly regarding bandages and Naj’entus. Also added a piece of artwork.