Revised Post: Outselling the Competition

This post was originally titled “The Competition”. I renamed it as a result of this edit applying a few more bits of sales terminology and slang to the post.

For the masses, I hoped to impress upon them our degree of progress, reflected by what we wore and the titles that displayed next to our name. If they happened to see us flying a coveted mount, it would be icing on the cake. Then…and only then…could I hope to make a pitch on exactly why it would be lucrative for them to choose Descendants of Draenor over another hardcore, further progressed guild:


The ability to communicate and treat others with respect and maturity could be a good measure. But, mutual respect could also be the exact opposite of what a player wants.

This should probably be one sentence.

Maybe they are introverted and don’t want excessive communication, but prefer to be left alone, speaking only when a very specific question arises.

Change ‘but’ to ‘and’

bubble-gum candy-cane

Neither of those words need hyphens.

something’s coming up, I gotta go

I’m reading this as ‘something has coming up, I gotta go’ so change to ‘come’ if I am reading that impromptu contraction correctly.

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