Revised Post: Let's Talk About Raiding

Let’s Talk About Raiding -

to going 5/5 and 1/4 in SSC and TK


And with that one quick whisper, God Damn Him, it was over.

Why is “God Damn Him” capitalized. I understand the adherence for religious purposes (if you believe in that) but I don’t think “Damn” or “Him” need to be unless you are going for some type of emphasis.

where to learn about boss strategies, when
the best times to run a raid were

Formatting, for some reason this line returns to the next and leaves a large gap.

we felt had a responsibility to continue running old instances, and so continue to grow our guild to a massive size, which lead to problem #2

First, add “we” after “felt”. Also, I had to read this over a few times because I wasn’t quite getting the point of the sentence. Is growing the guild to a massive size a side effect or one of the responsibilities in addition to running old instances? In this usage massive has a negative connotation so that makes it separate from the first bit. Depending on where you are going with this maybe “we felt we had a responsibility to continue running old instances which caused our guild to grow to a massive size and lead to problem #2…”.

  1. …the rotations which were to help us fill spots

I don’t think the ellipsis is needed here.

curve ball

Hey at least no hyphen this time. One word.

We have discovered now from raiding as we have that two hours is simply an unacceptable amount of time to get anything significant accomplished, progression-wise.

Ow my brain. “We discovered from previous raids that two hours is simply an unacceptable amount of time…” Maybe leave out “progression-wise”; was there anything else significant? Surely we weren’t farming Molten Core for materials or anything.

Two-hour blocks can not

I thought it was always “cannot” but apparently the other way is “acceptable” (for mortals).

Who are our top raiders and who are our liabilities.

I’m not a fan of following “are” with “our” or vise versa, YMMV but if you’d like to change it you can replace “our” with “the”.

He is the coach of the team, and as expected, you’ll follow.

Maybe change “coach” to “leader” to emphasize the follow bit some more?

so that we have poorly performing players

“so that if we have…”

Silenced. You’ve pissed us off, and now it’s time to be quiet.

My personal favorite ;D

Constantly striving to improvement oneself

“improve” and GDI, pick a form and stick with it, “one-self”.

The main difference between raiders before…and raiders today

I think the ellipsis here actually hampers this thought, it should be smooth all the way through.

It’s importantl to understand what’s wrong with this thought now:

Remove the “l” in “importantl” hehe

To the new raid-team, our definition of “Fun” is constant, consistent success.

BUZZWORD BINGO (no change, I’m just having “fun”)

The #1 cause of burnout in the past is too many nights on the week of nothing being accomplished.

Normally I would say change “nights on” to “nights of” but it is a bit redundant with the next bit so how about “nights during”?

I want the Raiders to focus on Fridays and Sundays, until we come to a point where we can reschedule.

Comma isn’t needed.

These two blocks of time were chosen, simply to allow the most Raiders an available spot, due to family- or job-related restrictions.

First comma isn’t needed as there isn’t really a pause and “simply to allow…” isn’t extra info.

It has become painfully clear that most raiders that are strong, dynamic players that work well under pressure and adapt quickly in emergency situations, do so because they have honed their skills PvPing.

This painfully needs an “and” before “do”.

If you are burnt out, or if raiding no longer holds the appeal it once did, now is the time to step down, if that is the case, so that we can begin the process of looking at our pool of raiders and recruiting if need be.

Remove “if that is the case,” to improve flow.

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Because it is a typo. :smile:

I’ll admit, the two bullet points aren’t nearly as concise as they should be. However, beyond basic grammatical corrections, I’m unsure how much of this I want to change, as the point of the post is to show what I had written to the guild those years ago – and there may be value in conveying any confusing language I used at the time.

I wonder if perhaps I should leave footnotes on this post.

It was definitely a typo. Rephrased.

Rephrased because I clearly confused you by making you think an ‘and’ was needed (which it wasn’t). The intended structure of the sentence was:

People that exhibit traits like XY and Z do so because of AB and C.