Revised Post: Divergent Paths

2.11 -

Ater got up and walked around to my side of the desks, and pointed to the registration link.

Since I don’t know what your office looked like, should “desks” be plural?

“This is weird. Who would about care what I’m doing?”

“Who would care about…”

The Twitter thing suddenly made a lot more sense.
[page break]

Just really a formatting thing. From what I have seen you have a blank line before and after the page breaks you use, this is missing one.

Great for them. Horrible for me.

Rather than two sentences here I think it works better as “Great for them, horrible for me.”

For even with all the changes that TBC brought to the table for the variety of playable classes in the game, Restoration Druids still dominated one very specific niche of heals…

The start of this sentence is a bit off. It would work using “Even with all the changes…” or “For all the changes…” not so much with those combined.

lost in a train of thought as I attempt to deal with this curve-ball.


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I’m acknowledging the confusion and rewrote a few sentences: that one, and one prior, to help ease said confusion. We had two desks that faced one another.