Revised Post: Controlling Power

2.33 -

If you hadn’t gone through tier 4, by the end of tier 5

Some posts you have Tier capitalized. Not sure where you stand on that.

stranger / new recruit

Spaces between the forward slash, unless you are going for that white space.

so muscled through it.

so we muscled through it.

This phase involved fighting ghostly legendary weapons. A very specific kill-order we were aiming for.

This phase involved fighting ghostly legendary weapons and we were aiming for a very specific kill order.

As for the players who claimed to have to leave early because their “girlfriend just got home” or that they needed to get caught up on “Nip/Tick”, my own patience wore thin.

Since the subject is the players making excuses I’d suggest a small edit to the second bit “they wore my own patience thin.”

And there was more good news, as week three marked the first time our raid transitioned completely into phase three

Phase four, based on the previous sentence.

The great American past time of congregating with friends, snacks and beer, while cheering on your favorite team meant about as much to me as slaying Onyxia meant to John Elway.

How do you know Elway isn’t a closet nerd? Epic comparison nonetheless.

We had one week to wrap Kael’thas Sunstrider up.

I think it gives the sentiment more power by having Kael at the end of the sentence: “We had one week to wrap up Kael’thas Sunstrider.”

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I think we need to convert unilaterally to not capitalized.