Revised Post: Carrying the Load

2.10 -

Gruul’s mechanics us offered no reprieve

Nice one Yoda, “offered us”.

we only one to speak of

“we only had one to speak of”

reduced to immobile toy statues.

We didn’t shrink, maybe immobile stone statues?

or a extensive wealth of Resto Druids blanketing the raid with Tranquility?

Are you just using this as an example because earlier in the post you say that Breginna was the only resto druid? I was offline at this point IIRC because of moving from MD to DE and being without internet access but once I got back I was still healing. I only started to put together my tank set maybe a month into TBC (I do remember tanking Gruul). Also it should be “an extensive”.


There’s that word again. And this one has both the hyphen and the “h”!

there are going to be folks the rise to the top

“…folks that rise…”

the Forty

In addition to Tier being capital I have seen this capital in some places but not in others. I think it should be across the board that it is capitalized to represent the old raid style as a proper noun. 2.9 has one “a bittersweet reminder of what impact the loss of the forty had on my guild.” Something to keep in mind for future rewrites/edits.

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Wow. Apparently I wrote some of these faster than I imagined.

I re-read that entire paragraph, and the “extensive wealth” was completely unintentional. In my haste, I wrote the opposite of what was true, we had nowhere near a wealth of druids. Re-wrote the latter half of this paragraph as a result.

I guess I keep fucking this up because I want the word to be pronounced like “ark”, but the dictionary doesn’t want to play nice. Looks like I’ll need to change them all to ‘overarching’.

For consistency, I’ll try to keep ‘forty’ lowercase, as should ‘tier x’ be lowercase as well. The only place I’ll leave it capitalized is in that reference to ‘The King is Dead…’ quote a few posts back.