Revised Post: A Noticeable Lack of Party Favors

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it was the blood and his veins

it was the blood in his veins

As it is with all new jobs, the first few weeks take up the most of your attention, coordinating, getting to know new teammates, new responsibilities.

Could probably do with a colon after “attention” rather than a comma.

the topic had brought out in to the open.

…had been brought…

IIRC, we did Gurtogg first as I remember going left at the form and down into his room and then coming back up and going over to Reliquary.

in which growing spell reflection would causes us


over take

One word.

No mention of Az not knowing how to interrupt SS? No mention of the “depression” room mechanic in front of Reliquary? No hairy recounts of some dumb bear trying to rage dump, tank and keep threat high all at the same time (when we were far from designed for it)? I am disappoint.

Just like I had promised Ater, months ago, I was determined to acknowledge their efforts, and remind them that we may have changing faces just like the Reliquary of Souls, we remained a family and a team.

Just like I had promised Ater months ago, I was determined to acknowledge their efforts and remind them that while we may have changing faces just like the Reliquary of Soulds, we remained a family and a team.

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Since I don’t have any active DKP records that date this far back (and achievements didn’t exist in the game yet), I had to go off the actually date/time stamp on the screenshot. However, this is also the time that I bought a new computer, and apparently a few screenshots were lost. There is a gap between April 13th, 2008, and May 31st, 2008.

I have a Gurtogg Bloodboil screenshot on June 1, 2008.

Old forums, to the rescue!

Teron Gorefiend: May 10th, 2008 -

Reliquary of Souls: May 18th, 2008 -

So I’ll stick to that timeline until new and exciting powers are revealed to me.

  • By now you probably know that I bring this up in a follow-up post, pointing out how things are more difficult with Ater no longer around; it fulfills the insult-to-injury quota.
  • Meh. Did you really feel it was that impactful? I guess I never really saw it as that much of an issue – at least, not nearly as painful as the original depression room in BWL.
  • This sounds like an all-you experience; I wasn’t even aware it was going on! Can you explain in greater detail (how things were, how they changed, what was awkward about it, what made a pro player do it, and an amateur player not)? I think this could be good because…at the very least…if I don’t update this blog post with it, it may be usable/important territory to cover before the EXIT DALANS post.

All other edits rolled up. I did another slow read through this a.m., and touched up quite a few parts I felt were rushed and/or stale. Also added another screenshot to the top as a means to transition in from the previous blog post.

I think we hashed this out in chat soon after this post went live a little while ago and I just remember the order we did incorrectly for ROS and Gurtogg.

As far as the bear tanking, I think I did it like two times because either we didn’t have geared warriors or whatever: so with the third phase of RoS, the face would beat the shit out of the tank and would have max rage almost all the time; warriors dealt with this by stance dancing and had a few more abilities than druid tanks at that time to use up rage quickly. The problem with having a full rage bar? That face had an ability that did like 2000 damage per 10 rage. Unfortunately with a bear druid, shifting out was the only rage dump which would then make you vulnerable because of the -360% armor for a split second.

From what I remember, it was madness trying to juggle: keeping aggro, watching rage bar, shapeshifting and then getting back into an ability rotation. It was a mass of button spam and I recall healers having major issues with it. Thankfully it wasn’t an every raid occurrence.