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We don’t often get an opportunity to interact with our rosters in real life – it’s an invaluable trove of peripheral data that helps you understand motivations and intent. Navigating the personalities of your guild is already a challenge, and if you aren’t paying enough attention, you may miss the cue that walks you directly into a tree.

Sorry for the delay in this early preview. The intent was to write this in such a way as to wrap the entire Con into one post. It’s just too much for one post. I had to divide and conquer, so next week’s post will be part 2 of BlizzCon 2010.

He was a big boy

In deference to Bheer maybe “big guy”, no one past their early 20s likes being called a boy.


While it looks like it has many abbreviations, I tend to go with “Ph.D.”

great white north

This should be capitalized as far as I can tell.

I was eager to get meandering around the lot

Just because this is a memorable verb and it was used in the previous paragraph, how about “strolling”. Also the “to get -ing” bit sounds like bad future in the past tense but I’m not an English major so I’m not sure of the rules on that.

There’s a handful of them at hotel

“at the hotel” or “a hotel”

Omaric, what in Sam Hell is going on

“the Sam Hell”

Omaric was easily the shortest and youngest looking of the group, with large blue eyes and tufts of whiskers struggling to burst forth from his chin. He was tearing his way out of boyhood with ferocity, his commanding, deep voice leading the charge. but in all serious, great description.

Awesome post. I look forward to reading Part 2.

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I think it was Moolickalot with the Drecca message (though I did know the two of them were there splitting a room, so there’s an unlikely chance it was me). I came during dinner time with Fishee, Phil, and Fal in tow.

Moo^2 power! Best Avatar combo there was!

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Figures that I would get this wrong.

It’s a figure of speech I use a lot in real life. Unlikely to change, but noted.


All others rolled up. Much obliged.