Relatively Difficult

The realities of raiding in Cataclysm slapped them silly. Like clockwork, indignance followed, precipitating the demise of an increasing number of 25-Man guilds throughout those first five months. Even DoD hadn’t been saved from this outcome. But in a cruel twist, the 10s did not flourish as I suspected they might, for a reason I did not see coming. Blizzard’s struggle to maintain parity between the difficulty of both 10- and 25-Man sizes produced something far more disruptive to their community.

Both Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman had both been given

Remove either “both”

I compared to the tier freshest in my mind

Even though it is implied you are comparing the current tier to the former, you might want to state that as it sounds better in the sentence, IE compared what to what?

Icecrown Citadel: all heroics, completed (save The Lich King himself)

“Icecrown Citadel: all heroics completed, save The Lich King himself.” Move the pause and the Lich King comment is relevant to that sentence and not extra info so no parentheses.

11/12. A respectable 92%.

This bit however is extra and redundant and I would remove it unless you really want to keep the link to the next bit where you continue the X out of Y format (X/Y).

the cakewalk handed us in Wrath.

“handed to us”

But in a cruel twist, the 10s did not flourish as I suspected they might, for a reason I did not see coming.

Sounds better with an “and” prior to “for” but YMMV

both 10- and 25-Man sizes

I would go with “sized raids” or just “raids” here, “sizes” sounds off.

recover from emergencies than 10-Man raids

Needs “in” after “than”

re-assemble as a 10-Man guild, and target the smaller, “easier” versions
for equitable loot. After all, that’s exactly how it worked for them in
the previous expansion.
But these new 10-Man raids were not as “easy” as they remembered 10s to
be. In fact, they were quite difficult! At least, at the onset, anyway.

So from your perspective, the 25 mans take more skill but are also hard to coordinate, the 10s take less skill but are easier to coordinate. For the detractors in this instance, they say the 25 mans take less skill, the 10s take more skill when in actuality that is incorrect and they are moving to 10s because it takes less coordination and you get the same rewards. It depends on what perspective you are speaking from when you say easy or difficult and in the above paragraphs they don’t match up.

In the first paragraph here, you put easy in quotes but from their perspective, 10s take more skill, and from your perspective the 10s are not easy so no need for the quotes.

In the second paragraph you are saying they aren’t as easy as they remembered but because there is a difference in what the detractors say and think I would probably go with something like, “the 10s were more difficult than they imagined” This brings this more into line with the next bit of that paragraph that talks about their lack of skill and laziness.

but overtime

Split “overtime” to two words.

end up manifesting

“ended up manifesting”

not something gamers readily admit.

Needs “would” after “gamers” to match the tense in the previous part of the sentence.

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