Reddit just gamified their crowdfunding

Reddit gold grants users little perks like no ads and special ways to filter through posts. Due to a popular TIL thread showing everyone how little to no money (pretty much in-debt) Reddit makes, they have seen a skyrocket in reddit gold purchases. This has lead to a “Daily Reddit Gold Goal” progress bar on the front page which has already passed that daily goal.

  • Would adding in more perks encourage more users to purchase Reddit gold?
  • Would adding in lower tiers such as Bronze and Silver for lower $$$ increase purchases?

I’ve never had Reddit Gold so I’m not sure what the full benefits are but I already have browser extensions for ad blocking and I’ve never had an issue finding a post that I want so I’d have to say no on both accounts.

I haven’t seen the TIL thread, but I would be extremely suprised if reddit actually lost money. With as much activity as they get they should be getting wheelbarrows of cash from advertising.

Advertising money pays shit these days, it isn’t nearly the piles and piles of money it produced ten years ago.