Poll: Patch 2.0.4

Patch 2.0.4 for Diablo III is out. Thoughts?

  • Better (Live longer, kill more)
  • Worse (Die more, kill less)
  • Same (Nothing seems to have changed)

My main thing with this patch is no more flawless gems for crafting and leg/set item mats drop rate got increased by x3. Class changes are always subject to change, but I think overall it is an improvement for most classes.

At this point my toons are not high enough level to notice a difference.

I have the survivability for T2/T3 solo but unfortunately only the damage for barely T2. Groups I’m assuming would still be fine for T3 maybe T4 (might be a stretch). Haven’t checked the Wizard out yet for the Arcane Orb nerf but Crasian says you change a passive skill and no harm done.

Legendary drop rate seems different but may be related to luck. Thorns build on one crusader is awesomeness though dmg output on my lightening crusader seems less.