Play Different

As it turned out, both Gunsmokeco and Deathonwings returned from camping with only minutes to spare before the start of the raid. After flipping a coin, Guns offered up his heals for the twenty-fifth spot. I showered him with thanks for his generosity, and made no mention of his on-going resistance to install add-ons – mandates meant for the ignorance of amateurs, rather than to patronize the experts. I didn’t even bust his balls about continuing to raid on a MacBook, as he was one of the few Apple nuts among a trove of PC master race folk. It was neither the time nor the place.

satisfied if they never again had to cast their gaze eastward.

Sounds off, change “if” to “that” or was this not a certainty? Not sure about the dungeon organization.

I leaned heavily on the goodwill others in order to keep the machine humming.

“goodwill in others” or “goodwill from others”

cared more about the menial work that an individual’s mental health?

Change “that” to “than”

Personal responsibility was a common theme in my process plan, but so, too, was another, equally important concept:

Alright Shatner, do you really pause that much reading this sentence? Remove commas after “so” and “too”

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