Paul Sams Leaves Blizzard

The quote that was highlighted on MMO-Champion:

Q: Blizzard’s reputation is second to none in this industry - Paul, what kinds of lessons did you learn there that will help Ready at Dawn reach the next level?

Paul Sams: First and foremost, I learned that you must put game quality and player experience first in everything that you do. Gamers are not driven to buy games because they have a clever business model, they buy games that are fun and immersive that deliver on what was promised. I also learned that being a trend chaser or first mover is not a key to victory. Our team here at Ready At Dawn needs to make games that they love and that they want to play so that we can get the very best and most creative work out of our developers. Force feeding a development team to chase a business model or game type trend when the team doesn’t love it is a likely losing proposition. A happy and motivated team that is making a game that they absolutely love with a leadership team that doesn’t force them to ship their game before it is ready is part of that formula for success

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