Paging Mangetsu

Calling all players names @Mangetsu, looks like this is your weekend:

Implying he doesn’t already own all of these games. :joy:

I actually just spent the last few minutes sifting through the thirteen pages of titles that are on sale this weekend. Aside from BlazBlu (because of my history with fighting games) and Disgaea (because of its success on the PSX), I can’t say I recognize a single fucking title on this list.

It makes it very difficult for someone who isn’t normally into this genre…to try to discern what, if any, value is in this list. It looks like a lot of dating sims and interactive fiction-style games. And that’s a shame, because if there’s a really great anime-themed Civ clone or Diablo clone, I would give it a shot.

I have no fucking clue at all. Thirteen pages of games that are titled in English…but might as well be Japanese.

Speaking of Mangestu

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I can see Mangetsu doing something like this.