Overwatch: Open Beta Early Access

Any one need a key for this? Just got email for it and gave me an extra one to give to a friend.

Sure, if you’ve got no other takers.

Thanks homie

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haha no problemo

How are you enjoying it? I don’t know how much time I spent chatting with WoW guildies over the years about my pre-WoW days, but it was 99% FPS. I really dig Overwatch. It’s definitely clear that there are people on the Overwatch team that are old-school FPS gamers. Kaplan mentioned “Action Quake” as a mod they played religiously, back in the day. I remember AQ well – was a boatload of fun.

Here’s the video they mention it in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jq-HwvYjLLg

I only played it a little, but it feels, I dunno, kinda basic?

Basic, compared to what?

Overall I like this game, but it has probably the least enjoyable solo-queue I have ever experienced.

Solo queues rarely are. Name one game where online multiplayer isn’t better when you’re grouped with people you know?

The bad with the good, one supposes.