New Post: Uncoiling the Snake

Even with the knowledge I’d only be going up against one or two other tanks, I continued to bid high on items I most assuredly felt I would never see again, and my DKP pool emptied out quickly. It was at that point I began to see key pieces for my tanking set going to players that weren’t tanks. This infuriated me, but what could I do? My DKP bidding pool was expunged, hovering slightly below the minimum 5 DKP bid. So when these items were issued out to players who weren’t planning to use them, I directed my passive aggressive anger toward them, rather than acknowledge the flaw in the guild’s rules.

Once again, a misunderstanding had left people with hurt feelings, mixed messages, and ultimately confused about about the acquisition of gear.

Since the trigger point for the list is with, the end of the list needs to be “and ultimately they were confused…” since “Once again, a misunderstanding had left people with ultimately confused…”

failure to solve this issue in our new loot rules,

Colon here instead of a comma?

he had been back for several weeks now His

Missing a period after “now”

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Fixed. You totally missed ‘about about’ (it’s even in your quoted text!) - also fixed that.

Yup, I was on and off reading that day; I thought I had time to read all the way through it but some BS tickets came in and I had to put down what I was doing.