New Post: The Talking Cricket is Dead

Omaric, my choice to take up the mantle of raid leadership, had proposed Bretthew as his partner; dual raid leaders – something we hadn’t seen since the days of Ater and Blain. I desperately wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, yet my written rules on how to address red flags continued to glare back at me. Give me a reason to doubt your integrity, and a position of authority is off the table. Humans make mistakes, forgiveness was divine. But it didn’t change what happened, and that trust he earned was wiped away in an instant. And my hard-and-fast rule said there would be no earning it back.

but many more left their mark in my guild.

Bit redundant from the previous, I’d change “left their mark” to “carved their name” or a similar anecdote.

helping drive our content

“and helped” to stick with tense

But how many fans gets to play for the team?

“gets” to “get”

but rather accepting of those events and putting forth

“but rather was accepting of those events and put forth” because the subject is still “he”, he was accepting, he put forth.

get out-of-jail-free-card

Should have a - between “get” and “out”.

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This proved to be surprisingly challenging to rewrite. Check my updated revision.