New Post: The Sorest Loser

I pulled our website up again to see if perhaps something could’ve been overlooked. Maybe there wasn’t a clear enough link to our ideologies, what we stood for, things that might catch the eye of a potential Blizzard employee. Nothing stood out as problematic. I popped open a new tab and typed in the URL to Enigma’s website. Centered squarely on the homepage were a series of boss kill pics, some in 25, and some in 10. And in nearly every image, Fraya and co. had positioned themselves in the shape of a gigantic dick. Their killshot portfolio brought an entirely new meaning to the phrase penis envy.

springs of raiding

What’s a spring of raiding? Maybe change to ‘gauntlets’?

Enigma demonstrates their mastery of choreographed genitalia

The best way to describe dick kill pic.

It was Blizzard’s freshly launched World of Warcraft Anniversary site, freshly launched

While I always advocate being fresh…I think we got the point.

and wondered if there was a way draw more of that out from the WoW public

‘…way to draw…’

I tried a few out in, copy and pasting them into a forum post, eyeballing it for clarity and aesthetics, while stripping away any name which might humiliate and/or incriminate.

I’m guessing the ‘in’ after ‘I tried a few out’ is extraneous?

an issue that really wasn’t their any of their concern in the first place

Remove the first ‘their’

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I agree with @dalans . It is the best way to describe a dick pic

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We are not going to be a world- or server-first guild. But we’re not going to run you ragged through week long springs of raiding, either.

I don’t like the second sentence. Is the “But” needed?

You get out of this guild what you put in, and those people who invest wisely will see the biggest returns.

Is wisely a better choice than something like “more”?

In short, what you do here matters.

Is it a comma, or a ; thingy?

Guild leader of Descendants of Draenor / most successful guild on Deathwing

At least you’re modest :smile:


using their apps as examples ran the risk of artificially inflating their ego

Good thing you chose cheese then, can’t inflate his ego anymore or he’d pop!

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Those two sentences could be combined but the ‘but’ would need to stay. I didn’t really mind it as that is more a style issue than grammar or structure.

Wisely works.

Comma, only a small pause.

Doh. Meant to be ‘sprints’. Fixed.

This sentence comes to you from the Department of the Redundancy Dept.

Yup, just a dangling preposition left after I moved some things around. Fixed. Schoolhouse Rock was right – they are busy.

All others rolled up!

That’s a nice letter to blizzard. PRETTY SURE YOU LEFT ME OUT OF THAT LIST OF HWL!! :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure you had 4 at one time because I came over quickly after Baite and Chop prior to TBC (soon after i achieved HWL), and I distinctly remember Creep, Blackdodge, and Anni all being present… At any rate, you’re selling yourself short!

Thinking back, having even TWO HWL in the guild is incredible. Considering how only a handful of people then ever even attempted let alone succeeded.

I didn’t find out until much later about your status as HWL. That’s why I didn’t write about it in that email!