New Post: The Illusion of Truth

Convenience is a dastardly foe. In 1950, it fooled a company (as it
had the rest of humanity) into changing its perception of its own
greatest invention, a blindside which ultimately cost them one of the
most important trademarks of the 21st century.


(Oh comon, my random yelled thoughts aren’t descriptive enough?)

Quick! Which one of these achievements was the more difficult of the
two? (hover over image for the answer)

I’ve been hovering for 23 minutes…how lond does this take to answer me?

I was getting a little scared with all the escalator talk that you may have forgotten this was a wow blog, but then you tied it in pretty well.

Ps: Dalans = gay.

AH HA, you see @Hanzo, you see? The elevator bit was almost too much for the simple minded, but it worked out. Just as I figured.

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Good catch, @klocker, this is now fixed. Refresh and re-hover!

Thanks! I think it is important to use narratives from our history to help explain these conditions we experience, as they are not specific to WoW or gamers.

In 1950, it fooled a company (as it had the rest of humanity) into changing its perception of its own greatest invention

“changing its perception” to “changing the perception” Flows better.

Or were they?

“Or did they?” Tense is wrong for “or were they” as “appeared at every turn” would have to be “were appearing”.

Humankind was riding in bliss, enjoying their Coke or Pepsi while taking a ride on a

A bit redundant, change “taking a ride on” to “using” or if that is too simple, something other than “ride” due to the riding in bliss part before that.

8x11" should be 8 1/2" x 11" and the “a” preceding it should be “an”

Done with enough frequency…

I get the conversational style but this sounds better as “If done with…”

Right-clicking a user frame produced pop-up dialog

“…produced a pop-up…”

than an machinist

“than a machinist”

just one more piece of evidence that reminded us that 10s were of little consequence.

Change “that” before “10s” to “the” to help with flow.

(nor care to)

I’d flesh this out fully to help with it plugging into the next bit of the sentence “(nor cared to posses)”.

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there was more trash in a 25-Man

I dont remember this.

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Sustained. Counsel has rephrased the statement.

Rephrased this entire sentence.

I’ve rephrased this final paragraph a bit, expanding on it as you suggested. Tell me how it reads now.

Yup, looks good.