New Post: Red Flags

As much as I wished for these red flags to be common sense, I learned
as a guild leader, the things I perceived to be common sense…aren’t
always so to others.

Sometimes…you have to spell it out.

The next post is now up for review and discussion:

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Additionally, behavior like this can is almost always an indicator of

Remove “can”

…a sure-fire indicator that could give two shits about DoD.

that you could give

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Considering some off the not-too-far-off red flags bound to pop up in the next few blog posts, sounds like it fits right in.

And speaking of guidelines, since this will be a public forum and red flags has just been posted, will the other rules and guidelines of DoD be posted along side this? This may also go good with said revisions and changes over time as current blog posts go over as well for people to see the actual raw changes and revisions to the rules and guidelines themselves.

The goal of Part III in my blog, as you’ve seen so far, is to take the lessons I learned during Vanilla and TBC and put tangible solutions in place, rather than continue to deal with issues ad hoc. Everyone here knows my solution came in the forum of a series of posts I revealed to the guild weeks before Wrath launched, each covering a major problem I saw in the guild and what I planned to do about it.

Of those original weekly posts leading to the release, only a few remain, but I have yet to determine if they’ll be included as full posts, or just alluded to. If any, the one that stands out as a possibility is the one on Emergencies. The reason why is: just as I’ve had to clarify to the guild what constitutes an emergency, so too, has the topic come up in my career as well. Professionals I’ve worked along side also seem to lack an understanding of what they feel is an emergency, and as the saying goes: “Lack of planning on your part…does not constitute an emergency on my part.”

So, I’ll probably work that post in to the blog at some point.